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Some tips and tools for homeoffice work


This is a collection of tips and tool to o optimize homeoffice work for you / stand alone or team work. Meant to be a helpful starting ground in general but especially in these times of the global 2019/2020 corona virus pandemic.


The scope is collaboration, task and project management for single person to smaller teams like 1-10 per project but should also be applicable in geographically distributed team environments.


Team members are in this likely to work in different projects at the same time. Having medium to small tasks and very likely some daily work besides that. The tools and methodolgies are all ment to be focused on working together, sharing documents and information, keeping everyone that needs to know informed... like just working together ...

I am mentioning this here since this is especially not ment to be focused on some agile, bug tracking, marketing, time tracking or any other specialized "subfield" of collaboratioin and communication. There are plenty of really good specialized tools for each of these. 


As a general remark it might be a very good idea to center you coop/collab toolset around a hub-tool and then use some (not more than a handful) of special tools to perfoem better in the areas where it is required. Or it might also be very common to just keep the tools already in place and make them accessible remotely and build some communication hub around them.

You will see that many of the tools you use are already available as cloud based Saas services, which can be quite a nice option to use the tools you know for a limited set of  projects you organize fully remote.

Choose the hub tools wisely to make it seamlessly integrated in your company / customer / partner environment but even more important in the environment of you team members working remotely! It should feel at home! If this tool fits 80% is set.


The following is a list of tools and tips structured by categories.


Communication and  Collaboration Tools

The tools mentioned here are all about Communication and Collaboration. This includes a audio/video communication alongside a place to share your documents  as well as defining tasks...

  • Microsoft Teams
    • Really good video and audio calls
    • Sharepoint backend for document management.
    • Probably really seamless in enterprise environtments
  • Slack
    • Really good video and audio calls
    • document management in channels
    • widely used

  • Or Matrix (Open Source) based Apps

Task / Project management and tracking tools


Task / Project management

Hill Charts

Hill charts are a really nice way and idea from basecamp to track the progress of certain tasks or aspects (pseudo tasks) of your project in a visual and easy to understand way.

Every team member can set a task to be tracked in a hill chart. He/she can then adjust the progress accordingly over time.

Hill Chart History

Even nicer is the option in basecamp that hillcharts are snap-shotted so you can easily track the progress of the project over time.