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Documentation index

Getting started.

Install and run your first pow server.

Let's create a small todo app:

Step 1: Adding a todo model

Basics working with models. Building a NoSQL Todo list model.

Step 2: Adding a handler to our app

Basics working with handlers to built a todo REST API

Step 3: Adding a web frontend with scaffolding.

Basics working with views. Building a bootstrap web frontend using scaffolding.

More in depth Tutorials

1. Models

  • conventions
  • SQL
  • Working with automatic relations
  • generating Migrations and updating the DB schema

2. Handlers

  • conventions
  • working with shorties (one method handlers)
  • generating REST handlers
  • genrating simple handlers
  • Routing (Werkzeug/Flask like routing, regex routing)
  • Accessing Models and manipulating data
  • Returning views
  • Returning json, xml, csv,


  • generate_scaffolding for REST handlers
  • conventions